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Faculty Additions

We are happy to announce the following new additions to our faculty:

Dr. Pierre Bellec

Dr. Tirthankar DasGupta

Dr. Zijian Guo

Dr. Sijian Wang

MS Data Science Program

MS Data Science (Statistics Track) now accepting applications for Fall 2017.

The Department of Statistics and Biostatistics is pleased to offer this new master's in Data Science program.



Recent Awards And Honors

Sai-Li -  Distinguished Written Paper Award,  2017 Western North American Region of The International Biometric Society (WNAR).
Congratulations to our PhD student on this award!

Dr. Harry Crane - NSF Career Award "Probabilistic Foundations, Statistical Inference. and Invariance Principles for Evolving Combinatorial Structures"

Dr. Harry Crane - NSF & NSA award for Project "Evolving Combinatorial Structures"

Dr. Lee Dicker - NSF Career Award "Maximum likelihood and nonparametric empirical Bayes methods in high dimensions"

Dr. Lee Dicker - NSF award for Project "Dense and Sparse Methods in High-Dimensional Data Analysis"

Dr. Ying Hung - Recipient of the2014 Tweedie Award

Dr. Ying Hung - NSF Career Award for Project "CAREER: An Efficient Framework for Design and Modeling of Complex Computer Experiments"

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