Min-ge Xie

Department of Statistics  
565 Hill Center, Busch Campus 
Rutgers University 
Piscataway NJ 08854 

E-mail: mxie_AT_stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (732) 445-2693 




In memory of  Dr. Kesar Singh, a beloved friend and colleague, who passed away on May  16, 2012 at a young age  of 56.  

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Current Research (Grant) Support
DIMACS Workshop on Analysis of Information from Diverse Sources, May 16-17, 2013 (support in part by NSF CCF 1144502 and DMS 0915139)

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Office of Statistical Consulting (OSC)

PhD Students
  Dungang Liu (joint with R. Liu); Yi Xia; Wenqian Qiao; W. Li (joint with R. Liu)Xueying Chen; Guang Yang; Adam Marszalek
X. Song, ('03, Chase Bank); W. Thompson, ('04, UC-San Diego); H. Wang, ('04, Sanofi-Aventis); Y. Shentu, ('06, Merck); Q. Sun, ('08, Amgen); M. Li, ('09 Celgene); J. Cheng, ('10, Columbia U.)

Driving Direction

New MS program: Financial Statistics & Risk Management