Homework No.3 (Due date: April 20)
[Remark: Throughout the class, our homeworks will (mostly) have different assignments for R and SAS. You have the choice to do one set of assignments (R or SAS) or do both sets (both R and SAS). If you do both sets, the homework score will be calculated by: max(R assigmnet score, SAS assignment score) + a separate bonus score of 10 points. ] 
         Problems 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5 on page 236-238 of the textbook (3rd edition).

           Problem 1:  page 249,  9-7

           Problem 2:  page 618, 14-10 of Neter et al 1996*, car purchase data is here.

           Problem 3:  page 620, 14-16 a,c,d of Neter et al 1996*

  Note: * Neter, J., Kutner, M. H., Nachtsheim, C. J. and Wasserman, W. (1996),
           Applied Linear Regression Models, 3rd ed. (QA278.2.A65 1996), IRWIN