Zhiqiang Tan


Department of Statistics
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
110 Frelinghuysen Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Phone: (732) 445-5297
Fax: (732) 445-3428
Email: ztan at stat.rutgers.edu


  • Software
  • Working papers
  • Journal articles
  • Unpublished manuscripts


  • Statistics I (Stat 211)
  • Theory of Probability (Stat 381)
  • Theory of Statistics (Stat 382)
  • Introduction to Survey Sampling (Stat 476)
  • Bayesian Data Analysis (Stat 568)
  • Introduction to Methods and Theory of Probability (Stat 582)
  • Theory of Probability (Stat 592)
  • Theory of Statistics (Stat 593)
  • Intermediate Statistical Methods (Stat 596)
  • Advanced Theory of Statistics (Stat 652)
  • Multivariate Statistics (Stat 667)
  • Bayesian Data Analysis (Stat 668)


  • A recently accepted manuscript: Regularized calibrated estimation of propensity scores with model misspecification and high-dimensional data, Biometrika. (Supplement) (arXiv preprint:1710.08074)
  • A recently accepted manuscript: Model-assisted inference for treatment effects using regularized calibrated estimationwith high-dimensional data, Annals of Statistics. (Supplement) (arXiv preprint:1801.09817)
  • A recently accepted manuscript with Yunfu Song and Zhijian Ou: Calibrated adversarial algorithms for generative modeling, Stat. (Supplement)
  • A recently accepted manuscript with Cun-Hui Zhang: Doubly penalized estimation in additive regression with high-dimensional data, Annals of Statistics. (Supplement) (arXiv preprint:1704.07229)
  • A recently accepted manuscript with Ting Yang: Backfitting algorithms for total-variation and empirical-norm pen alized additive modeling with high-dimensional data, Stat. (Supplement)
  • A recently accepted paper with Bin Wang and Zhijian Ou: Learning trans-dimensional random fields with applications to language modeling, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. (Supplement)