Individual Faculty

Dr. Harold B. Sackrowitz

Department of Statistics
Hill Center, Busch Campus,
Piscataway NJ 08854-8019
Phone: (732) 445-6395


Columbia University, Ph.D. (Mathematical Statistics) 1968,
New York, NY

Brooklyn College, B.S. (Mathematics) 1963, Brooklyn, NY

Ph.D. Thesis Advisor: Professor Alvin Baranchik


Graduate Director - Department of Applied and Mathematical Statistics, Rutgers University (1977 to 1995): Duties include: teaching, research, responsibility for departmental involvement with the Graduate School and serving as the advisor for all graduate and undergraduate statistics students. Responsibilities also include a review of performance and the registration of all students each semester as well as the review of all materials relating to new applications for admission to the graduate program.

Professor - Department of Applied and Mathematical Statistics,
Rutgers University (1981 to present).

Associate Professor - Department of Applied and Mathematical Statistics,
Rutgers University (1972 to 1981).
Duties - mainly teaching and research.

Assistant Professor - Department of Applied and Mathematical Statistics,
Rutgers University (1968 to 1972).
Duties - mainly teaching and research.

Statistician - Western Electric Research Center (Summer, 1969).
Duties - research and assist group in quality assurance.

Research Statistician - Columbia University Electronics Research Laboratories (Summers 1965, 1966).
Duties - research.

Honors, Assistantships, Fellowships and Grants

Mathematics award at High School Graduation; elected to Pi Mu Epsilon and Sigma Xi at college; graduated college cum laude with honors in mathematics; Assistantship and N.S.F. trainee-ship while at Columbia Unversity. Research supported by U.S. Army Research Office-Durham (during summers of 1965 and 1966) ; Research supported by the National Science Foundation from September 1969- September 1971; from July 1978-July 1979; from July 1985-July 1988; from July 1989-July 2000. Research supported by NSA July 1998-July 2000; July 2002-July 2003; July 2005-July 2009; NSF July 2005-July 2007.


Institute of Mathematical Statistics (Fellow); American Statistical Association (Fellow).

Professional Services

Referee for NSF, Annals of Statistics, Journal of Quality Technology, JASA, Technometrics, Institute of Statistical Mathematics, JRSS, Communications in Statistics, Probability and Statistics Letter, Journal of Statistical Planning & Inference, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. Standards reviewer for ASQC Standards Council


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