Technical Reports

Technical Reports 2009

2009-001: Rate Minimaxity of the Lasso and Dantzig Estimators by Fei Ye and Cun-Hui Zhang [6/20/09]

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Technical Reports 2008

2008-001: Generalized Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Normal Mixture Densities, by Cun-Hui Zhang [3/08]
2008-002: Forward & Backward Greedy Algorithm for Learning Sparse Representation, by Tong Zhang [4/11/08]

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Technical Reports 2007

2007-001: Simultaneous model selection via rate-distortion theory, with applications to clustering and significance analysis of gene expression data, by Rebecka Jörnsten [3/27/07]
2007-002: Quantile scale curves, by Kesar Singh, David E. Tyler and Jingshan Zhang [3/28/07]
2007-003: Penalized linear unbiased selection, by Cun-Hui Zhang [4/20/07]
2007-004: Clustering with multiple distance metrics - mixture models with profile transformations, by Rebecka Jörnsten [4/23/07]
2007-005: Some performance bounds for least squares regression with L1 regularization, by Tong Zhang [9/24/07] 
2007-006: A practical procedure to find matching priors for frequentist inference, by Juan (Jane) Zhang and John E. Kolassa [10/24/07]
2007-007: General maximum likelihood empirical Bayes estimation of normal means, by Wenhua Jiang and Cun-Hui Zhang [12/26/07]
2007-008: Information-theoretic optimality of variable selection with concave penalty, by Cun-Hui Zhang [12/31/07]

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