Faculty and Staff


Waheed U. Bajwa      Waheed U. Bajwa
Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
723 CoRE
Email: waheed.bajwa@rutgers.edu
Phone: 848-445-8541
 High-dimensional statistics; mathematical signal processing; harmonic analysis; machine learning.


Pierre Bellec      Pierre Bellec
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. ENSAE (Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economique, Paris, France
Hill 406
Email: pcb71@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7643
High dimensional statistics, aggregation of estimators, shape constrained problems in statistics, probability theory.


Steven Buyske      Steven Buyske
Associate Undergraduate Director, Associate Director, Office of Statistical Consulting, Research Associate Professor, Ph.D. Brown, Ph.D. Rutgers
Hill 559
Email: buyske@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7680
Teaching and research in statistical genetics, biostatistics, psychometrics, and experimental design.


Javier Cabrera      Javier Cabrera
Professor, Ph.D. Princeton
Hill 471
Email: cabrera@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7665
Teaching and research in Biostatistics, Data mining methodology for clinical trial data, Functional Genomics data, DNA and Protein array data, and DNA Barcode data. Statistical computing, graphics, and machine vision. Fulbright Scholar.


Rong Chen      Rong Chen
Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon
Hill 580
Email: rongchen@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7690
Teaching and research in non-linear-nonparametric time series analysis, Monte Carlo methods and statistical applications in bioinformatics, business and engineering. Fellow: ASA, Former IMS treasurer.


Jerry Cheng      Jerry Cheng
Assistant Professor,  RWJ Medical School, Ph.D. Rutgers University
4190 CAB Building,
Email: jcheng1@rwjms.rutgers.edu
Phone: (732) 235-6654
 Biostatistics, survival analysis, data mining, fusion learning, statistical computing, smart healthcare, precision medicine.


Harry Crane       Harry Crane
Co-Graduate Director and Associate Professor, Ph.D. The University of Chicago
Hill 504
Email: hcrane@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7645
Foundations of probability and statistics; exchangeability and probabilistic symmetry; logic; homotopy type theory; intuitionism; network analysis


Tirthankar DasGupta       Tirthankar DasGupta
Co-Graduate Director and Associate Professor, Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology
Hill 486
Email: tirthankar.dasgupta@rutgers.edu
Experimental design, causal inference, sequential exploration of complex surfaces, statistical applications in nanoscience and nanotechnology, statistical methodology in geometric shape error modeling and control, quality engineering and statistical process control.


Lee Dicker      Lee Dicker
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Harvard
Hill 477
Email: ldicker@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7668
Teaching and research in analysis of high-dimensional data, design and analysis of genomic and proteomic studies.


Robin Gong Robin Gong
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Harvard
Hill 404
Email: ruobin.gong@rutgers.edu
Phone:(848) 445)-7612
Theoretical, methodological and computational aspects of statistical modeling using random sets, imprecise probabilities, and the Dempster-Shafer theory of belief function.


Derek Gordon      Derek Gordon
Associate Professor, Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook
Nelson Biological Laboratories, C-213
Email: gordon@dls.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-3386
 Linkage and association methods


Edwin Green      Edwin Green
Professor, Ph.D. Virginia Tech
ENR 158
Email: edwin.green@rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 932-9152
Bayesian applications in forestry, wildlife biology and natural resources


Zijan Guo      Zijian Guo
 Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania (Statistics)
Hill 488
Email:  zijguo@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7621
High-dimensional statistics, causal inference and econometrics. In particular, inference for high-dimensional regression, instrumental variable problem, heritability and co-heritability analysis in genomics and mediation analysis.


Qiyang Han      Qiyang Han
 Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Washington
Hill 408
Email:  qh85@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone:(848) 445-7614
Mathematical statistics and high dimensional probability, abstract empirical process theory, and its applications to nonparametric function estimation (with a special focus on shape-restricted problems), Bayes nonparametrics, and high dimensional statistics. 


Donald Hoover      Donald R. Hoover
Professor, Ph.D. Stanford, MPH Epidemiology UCLA
Hill 473
Email: drhoover@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7666
Teaching and research in clinical trials, epidemiology, longitudinal methods, group randomization and multiple comparisons. Core member, Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research.


Ying Hung      Ying Hung
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology
Hill 463

Email: yhung@stat.rutgers.edu

Phone: (848) 445-7678
Research Interests: Experimental design, computer experiments


Jason M. Klusowski      Jason M. Klusowski
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Yale University (Statistics and Data Science)
Hill 492

Email: jason.klusowski@rutgers.edu

 Phone: (848) 445-7628
Random Forests for regression and classification, neural networks (theoretical / computational aspects), approximation algorithms for networks, mixture models, shape constrained estimation


John Kolassa      John Kolassa
Professor, Ph.D. University of Chicago
Hill 565
Email: kolassa@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7674
Teaching and research in asymptotics. Biostatistics. Former Associate Editor, JASA. Fellow, ASA, IMS.


Robert Kopp      Robert Kopp
Professor, Ph.D. California Institute of Technology
Wright Labs 225 (Busch Campus), Marine Sciences 205c (Cook Campus)
Email: robert.kopp@rutgers.edu
Phone: (732) 200-2705
Spatiotemporal modeling of climatic data; extreme value statistics of climatic data; Bayesian and empirical hierarchical models; Gaussian processes; risk analysis


William Kostis      William Kostis
MD. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Ph.D. Cornell University
Email: wkostis@rwjms.rutgers.edu
Phone: (732) 235-6561


Ping Li      Ping Li
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Stanford University
Hill 475
Email: pingli@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7667
Teaching and research in massive data,statistical learning and computing. AFOSR-YIP and ONR-YIP


Regina Liu      Regina Y. Liu
Distinguished Professor and Chair, Ph.D. Columbia
Hill 506
Email: rliu@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7777
Distinguished Professor & Chair. Ph.D. Columbia. Research in data depth, text mining, fusion learning, resampling, extreme value theory, aviation risk management. Editor: Journal American Statistical Association. Former Editor: J. of Multivariate Analysis. Former Associate Editor: Journal American Statistical Association, Annals of Statistics. IMS Medallion Lecturer. Recipient of 2011 Stieltjes Professor, The Netherlands. Elected Member: International Statistical Institute. Elected Fellow: American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics.


Eun Young Mun      Eun-Young Mun
Professor, Ph.D. Michigan State University
Phone: 817-735-5158
 Research in meta-analysis methods and applications for clinical trial data, behavioral and smartphone-based interventions for alcohol and drug use, large-scale high dimensional health data analysis


Joseph Naus      Joseph Irwin Naus
Professor, Ph.D. Harvard
Hill 571
Email: naus@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7686
Teaching and research in applied probability, sampling theory, data quality control, clustering and coincidence models, matching in DNA sequences. Fellow: ASA.


Neville O'Reilly      Neville O'Reilly Ph.D
Research Professor, Associate Director,
FSRM Program Ph.D. Columbia
Hill 479
Email: noreilly@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7669
Teaching and Research in: Financial Statistics, Derivative and Asset Pricing, Risk Management


Harold Sackrowitz      Harold B. Sackrowitz
Distinguished Professor and Undergraduate Director, Ph.D. Columbia
Hill 563
Email: sackrowi@rci.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7682
Teaching and research in statistical inference and decision theory, multiple endpoint procedures, order restricted inference. Fellow: ASA, IMS.


Anand D. Sarwate      Anand D. Sarwate
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
CoRE 517
Email: anand.sarwate@rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-8516
Information theory, machine learning, statistical signal processing, multidimensional data, privacy and security


Glen Shafer      Glen Shafer
Professor, Ph.D. Princeton University
Rutgers Business School
Email: gshafer@rutgers.edu
Phone: (973) 353-1644
Game-theoretic probability, history and philosophy of probability and statistics.


William Strawderman      William Edward Strawderman
Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Rutgers
Hill 561
Email: straw@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7681
Teaching and research in decision theory, Bayesian analysis, multivariate statistics. Operations research and applied statistics analyst, Bell Telephone Laboratories. Assoc. Ed. IMS Lecture Note Series, Assoc. Ed. JASA, Former Assoc. Ed. Annals of Statistics, Member of Council IMS, Former President Northern N.J. Chapter of ASA. Adjunct Professor, UMDNJ. Fellow ASA, IMS.


Zhiqiang Tan      Zhiqiang Tan
Professor I, Ph.D. University of Chicago
Hill 459
Email: ztan@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7644
Teaching and research in nonparametric and semiparametric statistics, causal inference, missing data problems, survey sampling, Monte Carlo integration. Associate Ed. Biometrics, Annals of Statistics. NSF Career Award.


David Tyler      David E. Tyler
Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Princeton
Hill 567
Email: dtyler@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7646
Teaching and research in multivariate analysis, robust statistics, directional data, computer vision and time series. Associate Editor, J. Royal Statistical Society B, J. Statistical Planning and Inference. Fellow, IMS.


Sijan Wang      Sijan Wang
Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Michigan
Hill 490
Email: sijian.wang@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone:  (848) 445-7622

Teaching and research in Big-data analytics, statistical learning, proteomics, cancer genomics, precision medicine, bioinformatics, high-performance statistical computing, survival data analysis, longitudinal data analysis and statistical modeling.


Han Xiao      Han Xiao
Associate Professor, Ph.D. The University of Chicago
Hill 451
Email: hxiao@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7640
Teaching and research in nonstationary and nonlinear time series, high dimensional analysis, algebraic statistics, and random matrix theory.


Minge Xie      Minge Xie
Distinguished Professor and Director, Office of Statistical Consulting, Ph.D. Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hill 574
Email: mxie@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7683
Teaching and research in statistical models, inference, asymptotics, and interdisciplinary research. Fellow: ASA, ISI


Min Xu      Min Xu
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University (Machine Learning)
Hill 402
Email: mx76@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone:  (848) 445-7611
Network analysis, nonparametric estimation, and high-dimensional statistics.


Dan Yang      Dan Yang
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. The University of Pensylvannia
Hill 462
Email: dyang@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-2690
Teaching and research in statistics


Cun-Hui Zhang      Cun-Hui Zhang
Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Columbia University
Hill 569
Email: czhang@stat.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 445-7685
Teaching and research in high dimentional data, empirical Bayes, functional MRI, network data, semiparametric and nonparametric methods, survival analysis, statistical inference and probability theory. Fellow: IMS, ASA.

Professors of Practice


Steven Kreutzer      Steven Kreutzer
 Lecturer, PhD Computer science from Northwestern University
Email: steven.kreutzer@rutgers.edu


Michael LuValle      Michael LuValle
Lecturer, Associate Director, Office of Statistical Consulting,
Ph.D. University of California, Davis
Hill 467
Email: ml1305@scarletmail.rutgers.edu
Teaching and research in the integration of subject matter knowledge into models used for generating experiment designs and statistical data analysis approaches


Shyam Moondra      Shyam Moondra
Lecturer, Ph.D. Polytechnic of New York University
Hill 467
Email: smoondra@stat.rutgers.edu


Gordon Ritter      Gordon Ritter
 Lecturer, Ph.D. Harvard University
Email: gritter@stat.rutgers.edu


Suryakala Srinivasan      Suryakala Srinivasan
Lecturer, M.S. Madras Christian College, INDIA
Hill 469
Email: ssrinivasan@stat.rutgers.edu


Zhanyun Zhao      Zhanyun Zhao
 Lecturer, PhD Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (Statistics)
Hill 469
Email: zz187@rutgers.edu



Robert Berk
Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. Harvard

Richard Trout
Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. Rutgers

Arthur Cohen Arthur Cohen
Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. Columbia
Richard Gundy Richard F. Gundy
Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. Indiana (Experimental Psychology); Ph.D. Chicago (Statistics).



Isabelle Amarhanow      Isabelle Amarhanow
Department Administrator
Business Specialist
Hill 501, Tel 848-445-7679, Fax 732-445-3428
Email: iamarhanow@stat.rutgers.edu


Marcy Collins      Marcy Collins
Graduate and Undergraduate Secretary
Hill 573, Tel 848-445-7687, Fax 732-445-3428
Email: mcollins@stat.rutgers.edu


Lisa Curtin      Lisa Curtin
Administrative Assistant
Hill 501, Tel 848-445-7675, Fax 732-445-3428
Email: lcurtin@stat.rutgers.edu


Arlene Gray      Arlene Gray
Department Secretary
Hill 501, Tel 848-445-7670, Fax 732-445-3428
Email: agray@stat.rutgers.edu


Joe Libretti      Joe Libretti
Managing Director, FSRM
Hill 507, Tel 848-445-7671, Fax 732-445-3428
Email: mailto:jlibretti@stat.rutgers.edu


Jason Pappas      Jason Pappas
IT Support
Hill 476, Tel 848-445-7676, Fax 732-445-3428
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