Applying for the MS degree

Before beginning this process, you should have completed, or have in progress, the last of your course requirements.

  • Signed up the MS comprehensive exam, if you have not already passed it.
  • Obtain agreement from a faculty member to approve your MS essay.
  • Consult the Graduate School Registration Calendar to determine the due date for the diploma and degree applications. Further information is here.
    • The diploma application is trivial to complete, but generally has an earlier due date.
    • Make sure you leave at least 5 working days between when you turn in your degree form and when the Graduate School requires the form in their office.
    • Skip Part II section A on the degree form. Our MS is a non-thesis MS. Get a faculty examiner to sign for your MS essay in Part II section B.
  • Fill out the diploma application, either from the department office, or on-line (with a link found on the forms portion of the program web site).
    • If you are obtaining a PhD degree, you can choose to have your name read and your degree handed to you on the stage at the Graduate School-New Brunswick Commencement.
    • If you are obtaining a MS degree, and you choose to attend the Graduate School-New Brunswick Commencement, your name will be read and you will be handed a certificate on stage, but, because of the timing of grade submissions, Ruters will not have diplomas available at commencement, and your diploma will be mailed to you.
  • Obtain a degree application, either from the departmental office or from the forms portion of the program web site, and
    • fill out the courses that you have taken and which you want to count towards your MS degree. Courses should be listed by number, including the school and subject area (ie., please list Design of experiments as 16:960:590). Leave blanks for grades of courses in currently in progress.
    • Fill out the title of your MS essay, and indicate which faculty member you expect to approve it.
    • Obtain the faculty member's signature approving your MS essay. If this step proves to difficult, consult the graduate director.
    • Include copies of any correspondence from the program director indicating approval of non-standard courses or other special arrangements.
    • Return this form to the department secretary.
    • The department secretary will obtain signatures of the exam committee and graduate director, and forward the form to the graduate school.